The Best Products for TJ Unlimited

Specific applications and full & complete reviews were missing from searches, so we are here to share the best products for those applications as well as every TJ Unlimited product that I personally use, recommend, and why.

First Reviews scheduled:

Shocks for maximizing highway comfort cross-country
In my research I have found adjustable shocks and almost all advertising geared toward off road; almost nothing geared to comfort cross-country on the highway – I will fully review my findings here.

LED Headlights – original headlights are beautiful, but do not illuminate enough for Safe driving after dark – either LED Bulbs or whole replacement LED headlights

LED Fog Lights or LED Bulbs & better Lenses

Blu-tooth behind the radio modal to link telephone to stock radio

In Dash Navigation

After-market trim to change the Radio Hole from too thin rounded cornered hole to a Full Double Den Rectangle

All Aluminum Replacement Rims made with the original (Aluminum Alloy) Original Equipment design

Complete Review of the GR8Tops Safari Hard Top, their shop’s Workmanship, and Customer Service